Many thanks for all your help Rob (and all your staff)! Chris has learned so much and his hitting has improved tremendously since he started his training sessions at Big League Talent. So grateful for your time, patience and encouragement!!

"Rob and Coach Semerano, I can't thank both of you enough for the pitching work with my two sons-Jack and Tommy. Your work with them over the last 3 years has been critical in their development. As we visit with colleges, the coaches always compliment the boys on their pitching mechanics and their fundamentals. That is a direct tribute to what you have done with the boys. More importantly, the boys have been injury-free and have never had arm problems. Your work with them is very much appreciated. What I also like is the confidence that you build in the boys, that allows them to feel good about their work after the pitching lessons. Tommy has recently decided to play his college baseball with Notre Dame, and there is no way he would be in this position at his age (15) if it was not for his lessons from each of you. My sincere thanks for your work."

-Jack Sheehan (father of Jack & Tommy Sheehan)

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                              - Tara Brown

"Thanks so much Rob! We are so appreciative to you and your dad for helping Ryan grow as a pitcher these last few years!"

          -Jill Takas (Mother of Ryan Takas)

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“My son is now 10 and is finally ready to try pitching after a few years of little league.  We decided to get him a couple of lessons to get him started with good technique.  A friend highly recommended coach Rob Semerano so he was an easy choice.  Now I see why he got the rave review.  Rob obviously knows a lot about pitching, but he is also a great teacher.  He included both me and my son in the lesson, which was very helpful.  There is a lot of info to digest and since I was included we got much more out of the investment.  Rob also encouraged us to take video, and his slow motion review of my son’s motion made a big difference.  After his next start, my son was able to look at his own video and see what he could improve!  Rob didn’t hold back any details or tricks for later and gave us an amazing value for our money – which means a lot to us.  Best of luck on your pitching lessons at Big League Talent!”

-CJ from Wall

We can not thank you enough for the supportive and beneficial training you have provided for Kevin. He is able to explain what he has learned after each lesson which speaks volumes because he understands what he has learned and is capable of applying it during practice, as well as, during a game. You're approach to guiding players to acquire a new set of skills is extremely successful. We see first hand how Kevin has changed his throwing accuracy and percentage of strikes each week. Kevin's confidence has gotten even stronger because you celebrate his successes and help him learn from his weaknesses. You help Kevin reflect after each lesson, so he internalizes what he has learned. Kevin knows what you teach him, why you teach him, and how you teach him is important in order to be successful! He loves the game of baseball, but respects it more because he has learned so many "ins and outs." Not only would we as Kevin' s parents recommend to other parents that their son or daughter receive training from you, but Kevin as the student would recommend you as well!

Thank you for all that you have done for Kevin! Tiffany and Jason Prime

March 2017

My son Daniel started with Rob Semerano in the winter of 2013/14 at age 14 at the recommendation of the Hospital for Special Surgery.  Daniel was preparing for his freshman high school team tryout.  He had solid pitching mechanics but was not considered a top player in town.  Rob was able to detect the adjustments necessary to perfect Daniel’s mechanics, both reducing chance of injury and enhancing his ability.  After only a few months of weekly lessons, Daniel was able to control four pitches and made the freshman team.  As we continued with lessons in 2014/2015, Rob and his partner and father Bob, both former major league pitchers, were able to convey detailed nuances to master specific pitches.  They explained minute body movements in clear direct language, easily understandable to any young athlete. They also provided exercises for muscle memory and to reduce injury.  In 2015/2016, Daniel’s pitching command and velocity advanced dramatically and Daniel was invited to pitch on three elite New Jersey travel teams, which continued throughout high school.  Daniel’s goal was to use baseball to propel him into a top academic D3 college.  In 2016 Daniel continued to travel an hour each way for lessons in preparation for college tryout camps and summer showcases.  Daniel was offered roster spots at four highly ranked D3 colleges for admission in 2017 and will be playing baseball at Carleton College a highly ranked liberal arts school.  In the past four years, I have observed the Semeranos work with both boys and girls from young children to college athletes.  Their patient, supportive, comprehensive approach is outstanding.  If you are a parent with a young athlete, and you are serious about helping them improve, stay healthy and achieve their goals, you cannot do better than the professional coaching offered at Big League Talent.

Andrew Clipper

Millburn, NJ

May 2018

The progress that we have made over the past two years working with coach Rob, coach Bob and staff at Big League Talent has given Claire (age 14) the opportunity to pitch a lot of innings for her school varsity team. As exciting as it is to watch her play at this level and receive the "in game" experience we also know that there is a lot or work to do and look forward to getting back to the training sessions and continuing with the professional development.
Thank you Big League Talent for the quality of the program and the value that we have received.


- Tom Cooper


September 2021

This organization has a strong family feel with experienced, caring ownership, coaching, and support staff. The story behind the Aces name is a respectful nod to Rob's grandfather, "Ace" and exemplifies the strong family atmosphere. Family-oriented and patriotic, they aren't just helping athletes become better players. They're developing these young athletes to be proud, respectful Americans through their words and actions on and off the diamond.


There was no drama, no daddy baseball, and that's a refreshing experience in today's world. Your child will gain valuable life/baseball skills and experience in the Aces organization.


Thanks for having Cory on your team and sharing your baseball talents and family values. Good luck to the organization and all past, present, and future Aces!


-Scott Van Den Berg


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